Optimum water temperatures should be maintained between 40⁰F and 50⁰F. The temperature requirements vary depending on the desired physiological state of the lobsters. Warmer temperatures are used in display tanks to keep the lobsters lively. Lobsters kept at lower temperatures have a lower metabolic rate and can even be put into a hibernation like state. This helps to keep them from becoming overly stressed while they are in holding tanks and during transit. The most important fact when it comes to temperature is that sudden changes are the primary stressor. Rapid temperature fluctuation can result in death.

Refrigeration units consist of pumps, chillers, compressors, and condensers. Chillers typically utilize copper coils for their heat transfer process. However, crustacean refrigeration systems have to use different materials because of coppers toxicity to them. The best material for this purpose is titanium. It is very important to keep the condensing units in an area where the heat they produce will not affect the tanks. The sizing chart below shows how to determine the size of compressor or compressors required to support the system.

Compressor Size (hp) System Size (gallons)
1/3 75-125
¾ 200-250
1 275-400
1 ½ 425-700
2 800-1100
3 1200-1500

*Always consult a professional about sizing and requirements for refrigeration systems*